• Iri Novak

Cookies and Milk

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

A nice fairy tale for both children and their parents.

Illustration by Yukiko Taima

Siblings Filip and Mia share a room and often fight in it. They are very different but one things have in common: They both love when their mum calls them for cookies with milk in the evening. As she says, she bakes them out of whole wheat flour and with love. She gives them warm milk mixed with honey to go along with them. The cookies are so good and make their dreams beautiful. Filip and Mia tell each other their dreams in the morning.

One night Philip and Mia will meet in their dreams. They discover together a blue empire full of adventure and miracles. It is also wonderful how children understand and do not argue. They have started to understand each other through common experiences and activities. Their mum is happy to have finally discovered their mutual love, but she is bothered by another thing. So much that she cries. Quietly and secretly but not without tears. And one such big tear suddenly sinks the whole blue empire and takes away everything beautiful. What must happen to make everything as before?

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