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Czech document on British TV

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

British TV channel Community Channel available amongst others on Sky and BBC iPlayer will this Wednesday broadcast a documentary film by Rozalie Kohoutova, exploring the theme of Roma homosexuality, the Channel announced on its website. The film is part of a special season in May and June that will be dedicated to Gypsy culture, lifestyle and integration in society.

Picture credit: The Printable Concept

The leading character is a Roma activist, who lives in Prague where he is open about his sexuality, but his partner, whose family lives in the country and believes in traditional values, keeps his sexual orientation a secret. The film addresses the reality that Roma Gays can strongly be discriminated against by their own community, who believe homosexuality to be wrong.

The documentary Roma Boys is based on an autobiographical screenplay and mixes dramatic narrative with a documentary style.

28-year-old Kohoutova, who graduated with a BA in Roma Studies at Charles University in Prague, screened the film in 2009 at the Prague cinema Oko. She created the film as part of her studies in documentary formats at FAMU (Film Institute). The young director, who is the daughter of author Irena Obermannova and musician Daniel Kohout, also directed films O Topanki and Velmistr, who received a number of domestic and international awards.

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