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Library, Framework, SDK.

What is the difference of these IT terms?

Graphic: Sideways Dictionary

The planet's population today is nearing eight billions. Almost three-fifths are active internet users. If they want to find something, 90 percent go for Google. The answers they get bring Google billions of dollars in advertising profits (last year's earnings were 135 billion). To show that it cares as much about the public good as it does about making profit, Google strives to provide online education to its users.

IT is not weird

That's why Sideways Dictionary was created in 2017. The guide is using analogies instead of definitions to explain IT terms.

Bots are like the ghosts in Pac-Man, API is compared to a shape sorter toy, and a bug is like a fly that has fallen in your drink. The very first entries came from the pen of journalist Nick Asbury, but anyone can add more. The platform is open to public. Metaphors for Library, Framework and Software Development Kit are still missing. It's time to fix it.


Is like baking bread in your own kitchen. You can have a yeast from your roommate, buy a flour in the shop and find the form in kitchen supplies. Every loaf you make will be unique.


Is like a bread baking workshop. You have to follow a strict recipe, use a specific kind of flour and work with available tools. Every loaf will come out the same.


Is like the kitchen where you bake your bread. There are ingredients, oven and tools to work with. Even a cookbook to read. How to use all of this is up to you. One can be creative or follow exact instructions.


A library stores the things you need to work with.

A framework is used to input things based on specific rules.

SDK has all of these things. It's up to you what you make of them.

I hope it was helpful for you.

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