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"The other" real estate

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Fantastic Frank offers apartments you want immediately start to live in. Discover the story of creative real estate business. (Text for Prague based magazine Marianne Bydleni)

Photo by Fantastic Frank

It started with one meeting of two classmates. Tomas Backman and Mattias Kardell had ten years of experience of corporations they did not want to continue with. They noticed that real estate offices across Europe are out of trends. Even expensive apartments did not show their potential. Duo decided to set up real estate brand where flats transform to a tasty interior jewels. And it worked. Their photos with crunchy biscuits and fresh fruits created by a team of designers, stylists and photographers got viral. From the interiors literally dripped sex-appeal that attracted not only buyers, but also bloggers that made perfect photos professionally styled apartments massively spread through the online world.

Scandi style works everywhere

"Berlin is completely different compared to Stockholm. But just only when we talk about sales. The interiors work the same way - the brighter colors and lighter woods, the better."

The head of design team Sofia Ganeva knows the key how to turn an ugly duckling in to a swan and has the right hand to choose talented stylists. "I'm so lucky that I met her and hired," says Tomas who also admire her own way of living. " I have two boys who turn everything upside down. But Sophia has even three kids and I do not know how she does it, but her apartment could always be on the cover of the interior mag," laughs co-founder of brand its size has doubled since 2014.

Today he employs dozens of creatives who come with innovative ideas how to present the flats not only in it the best light, but also with respect to the target group. Apartment in artistic neighborhoods must have original posters inside, the old building is dressed in velvet to meet romantic souls. No matter what Scandi style always means the greatest success. "The more light colors and wood, the better. This combination never misses the target," says Tomas who has similir experience in Berlin. "Our stylists just put there a little of German modernity," he adds. We wonder how Fantastic Frank will style apartments in Spain, where the brand comes in September.

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